Pretty as a Picture – The Creative Editing Process

Sometimes a photo can be more than just a great shot, it can become art. Pictures can be transformed with filters to add more mood to the photo. It’s a creative decision and a personal preference whether you’re drawn to the special effects.

Sometimes the choice is designed to change the quality of digital photography to make it look more film-like or aged to look like a retro image. (Model: Eden Knodel)

Mountainhand SplitSkirtLomoIISkirt
Some photos look more captivating from the viewpoint of a painter. These photos from a shoot inspired by ‘The Sound of Music’ have an illustrated quality fitting of the advertisements from the era of the film.leavescbrightleaves TreePainting

And some themes are so compelling that they require a bit of magic! The pictures from this fairytale shoot have become storybook worthy illustrations. (Model: Serena Lauren)
wave Fairysketch whispersoftwhisperhillpose5 nightpose

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