A Very Barbie Story

Barbie (model Lacey J) and Ken (Brian Gabirel) are enjoying a typical day at the beach…

stealball copy edit2Barbieball copy edit1playball copyBarbieGrip copyBut Barbie’s head isn’t all there…it seems her heart is somewhere else…with her secret lover GI Joe (also model Brian Gabriel).

edit3Kenball copy

So Barbie picks GI Joe up in her sassy pink sports car and brings him to the Barbie Dream House when Ken’s not home.

dreampinkopendoor copy

They embrace and it seems like they could really be made for each other. Perhaps because they are both just so darned good looking!

autumneddance copy

But then GI Joe starts to get a little too handsy for Barbie! And she’s not having it!

nopow copy

So she throws GI Joe in the trunk of her (other adorable) car and drives him to the public dump where he belongs! “See ya!”


Ken, sensing Barbie’s growing distant from him, decides it’s time to make a bold move to show Barbie how much he loves her by ASKING HER TO MARRY HIM! “Check out that rock!” Barbie shrieks!

happyembrace copy

“But wait a minute Barbie! That doesn’t mean you can drive my car! Oh no!”

cartoonnocar copy

The Beginning.

Makeup by Hannah Sherer

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