Good Girl Wrong Side of the Tracks

This is the story of a seemingly good girl, with all the right looks for the country club set, but she’s caught in her true, undesirable element where it looks like she does not belong. Model Melaine Aufdermaur takes us on a journey through her day and we see her CAUGHT on the wrong side of the tracks.

We find her walking along the water by the shipping yard…where she’s not looking to be found.

wpretrostyle wpOntherocks

Peering through the fence, looking at another world we imagine. Melaine channels her inner model to convey her desperation of being on the outside of that fence trying to get in.

wpfencegrab wp50warmdoll wpcolorstraightface

The landscape of Melaine’s journey is only further evidence of her struggle to get out from underneath her humble roots. She yearns for bigger, better, more beautiful things. Melaine’s powerful use of her body to convey the struggle is what makes these some of my favorite shots.

wpcropyelwbuilding wpLeanBack wpTwist

Where does she go at night? So beautiful and regal, yet we follow her out to the ships as dusk sets with no idea where such a mysterious creature fulfills her nights. The story’s ending is in the eye of the beholder.

wpnecklacecloseup wp70croplargeship wpcropleftcentership wpcoloreditbeauty

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