Portfolio Development Project

Being Discovered…

(While I don’t make it a habit…) I introduced myself to Nicole Shumacher after watching the stunner walk across a dim sum restaurant one Sunday afternoon. And before our shoot she had never considered modeling, let along tried it. With thick, unprocessed hair, flawless skin, ideal model proportions and intelligence and maturity beyond her years, she had the makings of a perfect model. And did I mention, the camera absolutely LOVES her? At 16 she scheduled our meetings, fitting and shoot, purchased her own wardrobe pieces, and came to the fitting and shoot alone. Her fearlessness translated throughout the shoot. She consistently asked questions about what was the goal of a particular shot, what mood she should convey and what body positions she should try. She was constantly assessing her own progress. These are the indicators of a true top model.

To give her the best possible first experience at modeling and the opportunity to create a great portfolio, together I created three different styles with and moods that showcased her best features. We started with her playful side because she had the natural ability to make you laugh and smile.

cropFinalBigKiss buildings PerfectBubbles solarflairsteps

Nicole showed us her elegant and demure side (that’s practically Parisian) in these photos shot shot on Nob Hill.PerfectPeach cropPeachstance Peachlean cropsitsteps

What was totally unexpected was Nicole’s ability to channel her inner Victoria’s Secret supermodel! At just 16 years old, we were well, shocked!cropbwhandsup haircloseup finalheadshot cropcloseuphill cropHillwithHair

The best part about Nicole is that she NEVER STOPPED MODELING! We took the cable car between our Financial District and Nob Hill locations and she even gave us great face on the ride up. As a photographer, one of the greatest pleasures is to have a model who is not just constantly giving good face but different faces and Nicole was always changing it up in every frame.finalcablecar1

It wouldn’t be a Miko shoot without some fun creative edits. It’s not essential for portfolio development to have these kinds of filtered photos. But we think they’re a fun and diverse addition.CreamPerfectPeach WhiteChocolatePeachlean bwheadshot creativestepflag2 subtlebuildingsNICOLE SHUMACHER is currently UNSIGNED. You may attempt to contact her through us, but we cannot guarantee that the aspiring singer and future obstetrician will continue modeling, but like many girls, she wanted to explore her potential. If you are considering modeling and would like to develop a portfolio like Nicole’s please CONTACT ME for rates.

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