She Visits – Ghostly Portraits in Time

To showcase the recent collection of MikoFabulous Chapeaux fascinators available on Etsy , we chose the unlikely setting of the National Cemetery in San Francisco. This allowed us to pay respect to the troops who over the many wars and decades risked their lives for our future. We transcended time in looks from the different decades, to create composite images of the ghostly visitors to these graves over time.
The 1920’s: World War I
20s120's2 The 1930’s: Inspired by The Great Gatsby
30's The 1940’s: World War II
40's The 1960’s: The Beginning of Vietnam
60's The 1970’s: The Vietnam Draft
70's The 1980’s: The Aids Crisis
While we realize the wardrobe may not be entirely historically accurate I hope you can appreciate the haunting essence of the shoot.

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