Cover: Gleam Magazine – Splash

After winning second place in the Miss Junior Teen Oakland San Jose I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Dart to work on her first full scale photo shoot. At just 15 years old Lauren demonstrated a remarkable effortless grace in front of the camera. Lauren’s (shockingly mature) ability to remain calm and collected in the cold, crashing waters at Panther Beach was more than we could have anticipated. Her natural beauty, inherent serenity and inner goddess juxtaposed against the magnificent Santa Cruz coastline has made this my favorite work of all time. This work motivated me to start seeking publication for my own work and eventually publish my own magazine.

Splash is published in Gleam Magazine Issue 3, July/August 2014.

covertear TEAR120131104-124822.jpgLauren24Lauren45Lauren37

One thought on “Cover: Gleam Magazine – Splash

  1. Miko Laube, Thank you for publishing the fabulous photos of Lauren in Gleam Magazine, they are all amazing and beautiful! Your expertise of photography shines through in all the images and they are simply breathtaking. Lauren and I are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful photographer and editor as you are. We contribute Lauren’s first professional modeling shoot a success, because of all the time and effort you put forth to make it happen and Lauren’s modeling abilities. However, what is really appreciated is you really took the time to know Lauren and her personal interests before deciding on her first shoot. Which created a wonderful comfortable working relationship between you and her. My daughter Lauren and I are both honored that the photos of her along the Santa Cruz coastline inspired you to seek publication and start your own magazine. We love Gleam magazine and are thrilled she is on the cover ! All that is done behind the scenes Miko has a great payoff, all your professional guidance has challenged Lauren in the world of fashion and modeling to do her best and she is looking forward working with you in the near future! Leslie Ebe

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