About ME

Miko Kepko, Conceptual Fashion Photographer MikoSlide

I started in the darkroom at 11 and never stopped taking pictures. Whether it was shooting glaciers in Alaska or snapping from my seat at Fashion Week: it’s all led up to this. Shooting for my hat line MikoFabulous, after retiring from fashion journalism, made me more cognizant of the practical applications of fashion photography. I’ve studied techniques that include Photoshop and retouching because I believe capturing the image in the camera is half the battle. I shoot with a full censor camera because you will get nothing but the best from me and my team (my awesome husband), and that includes a polished look and fully executed concept. My work at MAC and as a beauty editor has made me a beauty guru, so models are in good hands – but I am always looking to collaborate with experts in their field. I love to show off the work of designers, makeup artists and hair stylists.

I create concepts based on what I know about my model, designer or other fashion professional and find unique outdoor locations for the perfect fit. My perspective is pretty, vivid and emotive. I don’t do weird.

If you’re interested in having me shoot for you, contact me at: Photo@MikoFabulous.com

3 thoughts on “About ME

  1. Hi, Miko! This is @makeupbypurrrL. Please let me know of any upcoming shoots you may have. I’d love to work with you!


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