Are you a (1) Experienced, (2) With an agency, (3) Actively seeking representation, (4) Formerly represented, or (5) Agency caliber model, you have a portfolio of professional photos and solid modeling experience, you can send me your portfolio and social media for consideration for modeling opportunities: If you do not have experience and are interested in shooting your portfolio please contact me about rates.



All shoots are on a TRADE (TF) basis. Compensation is in images and potential publishing opportunities.

Our shoots are challenging! We typically shoot 3-5 wardrobe changes and shoot in multiple locations on the same day. We appreciate you providing your own shoes.

Of course that means…shoot days can take from 4 to 6 hours depending on the extent of hair and makeup and travel time to and between locations. Modeling time is typically not longer than 4 hours.

Modeling outdoors makes you a stronger model. It’s frequently cold and windy, light reflectors are bright and people are watching (they think you’re awesome.) We always do our best to keep you warm, fed, watered, happy. We want you to have fun too. If we sense that you have a positive, can-do attitude, we will work with you!

If you are over 18 and intend to bring someone as a chaperone they must be able to contribute as crew members. This means they must be willing and able to hold lighting equipment like reflectors, watch our equipment, help us carry equipment and help you change wardrobe.

We have a strict zero tolerance policy against intrusiveness by family members and friends. We encourage you to bring chaperones to the model fitting for your comfort to meet for the first time and bring yourself to the shoot.

What now? Send me an email. You may need to come in and test. There are always wardrobe fittings before the shoot date in San Francisco’s Financial District.

Contact me at:

*PLEASE NOTE: ALL MODELS must provide their own appropriate undergarments.*

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